The 5 number summary Calculator is an online tool to calculate the percentiles for a given set of data. You just have to enter the given set of data in the block provided and get the values of maximum, minimum, median, first quartile and second quartile respectively.
Lets see the method to find 5 number summary:
Step 1 : Read the given problem and arrange the data in ascending order
Step 2 : Count the number of data given n and also find the maximum and minimum.
Step 3 : Find the median using formula
Median = $\frac{n+1}{2}$
Step 4 : Find the first quarter Q1 and third quarter Q3 using formula
Q1 =$\frac{n+1}{4}$
Q3 = $\frac{3(n+1)}{4}$
Substitute the values in the above formula and get the answer.