Algebra is one of the segment of mathematics intended to help solve types of problems easier. It is the concept of finding unknown values into equations and solving those equations.
The idea to understand this algebraic concept is that equation can be represented as a scale shown in the figure. As the scale balance with weights we use numbers to balance an equation. Here we have a basic calculator to calculate the unknown value of x. The equation of the form Ax + B = C, with known value of A, B and C one will be able to calculate the value of unknown x using this Algebra calculator. 
Let us take an example: x-8 = 9
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The above equation is in the form Ax + B = C.In this problem,  Where A = 1, B = -8 and C = 9. we have to find the value of x, the unknown value.

Step1: Look at the initial equation.
x - 8 = 9
Step2: We have to remove 8 from the left side. x - 8 = 9
Step3: As the equation has minus 8, we have to
use opposite operation. so,we are adding 8 from
both the sides.
x - 8 + 8 = 9 + 8
Step4: And the problem is solved. x = 17
Step5: Checking: x - 8 = 9
17 - 8 = 9