Factorization is the process of splitting a number on an expression into product of other numbers or expressions, those are called factors. For example, $x^{2}+3x+2$ can be factored into $(x+1)(x+2)$.


$ax^{2} + bx + c = 0$ is the general algebraic expression to find the factors and also solve equation for roots.
'a' is the coefficient of $x^{2}$, 'b' is the coefficient of $x$ and 'c' is constant.

Below you could see some steps how to find factors:

For the quadratic equation, ax2 + bx + c = 0 with a $\neq$ 0.
Step 1: Write the values of $a, b, c$.

Step 2: Find the value of Discriminant (D)
                    $D = b^{2} - 4ac$

Step 3: If D > 0,the expressions has two real solutions

                 $x_{1}$ = $\frac{-b + \sqrt{D}}{2a}$

                 $x_{2}$ = $\frac{-b - \sqrt{D}}{2a}$

Step 4:  $(x - x_{1})(x - x_{2})$ are the factors.