Area calculator is used to calculate the occupied area space of geometrical shapes like triangle, rectangle, square, circle, polygon, parallelogram and so on. And these geometrical shapes have their own formula to calculate the area.

There are different area calculator to find the area of different geometrical shapes. The following calculators are example for that
  1. Area of a Triangle Calculator
  2. Area of a Rectangle Calculator
  3. Area of a Trapezoid Calculator
  4. Area of a Pentagon Calculator
  5. Area of a Hexagon Calculator
  6. Area of Regular Polygon Calculator
  7. Area of an Ellipse Calculator

The area of the triangle is calculate by measuring the length of the base and height. And its unit is measured on basis of square unit.

Area of a Triangle


A rectangle is actually an quadrilateral which is made up of 4 right angles. And the area of a rectangle is calculated using length and width. If length = i and width = j then

Area of a Rectangle


A trapezoid is a convex quadrilateral which should at least one pair of parallel sides. The area of trapezoid is measured using its height and 2 base.

Area of a Trapezoid


A polygon with 5 sides in known as pentagon. The area of a pentagon is calculated by using 5 sides and the area of the triangle in them.

Area of Pentagon


To calculate the area of a hexagon, you need to divide the hexagon into its 6 triangles.Then find the area of all these 6 triangles and add all the answers or multiply them by 6.

Area of a Hexagon


The area of a circle is $\pi$ times the radius squared.

Area of circle = $\pi$r2 , where r is radius of the circle.
Area of Circle


An ellipse has a unique concept than any other geometric shape. It is actually an line that makes a loop by connecting itself. So the ellipse has no area, so here we actually calculate the space formed inside the loop has the area of an ellipse. And the area is calculated using the major radius and minor radius of the space inside the loop.

Area of Ellipse