A polygon with six sides and six interior angles with sum 720 degrees is called hexagon. To calculate the area of a regular hexagon, you need to divide the hexagon into its 6 triangles. Then find the area of all these 6 triangles and add all the answers or multiply them by 6. Using this calculator, one can obtain the area of regular hexagon. The one has to just enter the base length of the given hexagon and its height. Then the calculator will give the resultant area of hexagon. This calculator will work only if the given hexagon is a regular hexagon that is all the sides of the hexagon are equal.
Area of a regular hexagon :

                                    Area of Hexagon
Step 1 : Let 'l' be the side length and 'h' be the height of a regular hexagon

Step 2 : Area of a Regular Hexagon = $6 \times$ The Area of the triangles 
                                                          = $6 \times \frac {1}{2} (l \times h)$ 

                                                        =  $ \frac{\not{6} \times l \times h}{\not{2}} $
                                                          = $ 3 \times l \times h $