Base 9 is that where digits starts from 0 to 8. Here the highest digit is 9 not 10. It is basically used for base 10 to base 9 conversion and has the wide use in digital computations.
Base 9 Calculator is a online tool to convert for base 10 conversion into base 9. You just have to enter the digit and get the base 9 integer instantly.
Lets see how to do digit conversion into base 9:
Step 1 : Read the given problem and observe whether  the base 10 digit is given
Step 2 : For the conversion of base 10 number into base 9, divide the dividend with divisor and keep aside the remainder
Step 3 : Take out the quotient and again divide it further by 9. Carry it on till you get the reminder as zero.
Step 4 : Now list out the remainder from top to bottom to get the answer.