Math calculator is primarily used to calculate complex math operations in a simple mode so as to find the results effectively in our daily life. For instance calculating monetary transactions.

Needless to say,  math calculator is one of the important tools, which makes an individual work easy. Mathematical providers execute easy mathematical computations on the operands in an concept.

The four mathematical providers are addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*) and division (/). This calculator add , subtract, multiply and divide different numbers in an effective and coherent manner.
The method of combining two or more numbers into one number and its represented by the plus symbol '+'.
Example: Rosy is writing a book. She wrote $5$ pages in one days and she took another two days to days to write $6$ pages. How many pages did she write within a these days?
Answer: $5+6 = 11$

Subtraction is an inverse operation of addition. The method of cooperating two or more numbers into one difference. and its showed by the symbol ' - '.
Example: Mrs Alex has $8$ fruits. $2$ are apples and the rest are oranges. How many oranges are there?
Answer: $8 - 2 = 6$

Multiplication is a  special circumstance of addition where how many periods a variety is included to itself to find the products.
Example: Suppose we have ten apples in a row of a table and there are four rows. We can add them as $10 + 10 + 10 + 10 = 40$ or we can say simply $4 \times 10 = 40$. And we can represented by symbol ' * '.

Division is the inverse operation of multiplication. It is operated by dividing the numerals in a way to find dividend. And we can represented by symbol ' / '. And it determine how many times one volume is contained in another.
Example: $64$ chocolates are available in packets that contain 8 chocolates in each. How many packets are needed?
Answer: $\frac{64}{8}$ = 8