Base point system (BPS) is a method commonly used to calculate  interest rates, commissions into dollar amount forms. They have wide applications in finance management. The base point  in simple terms gives the relation One percent is equal to 100 basis point or 0.01% percent is equal to 1 base point.
Base Point Formula
Basis point Calculator is a online tool which converts the percentage values into basis point. It makes the calculations easier. Provided is the space where you can enter the value in percentage and get your conversion.
To convert the given percentage into base point use the formula
Base point = x $\%$ $\times$ 100
Enter the percentage values in place of x in the above formula and get the answer.

Below are given some problems based on Basis point which may be helpful for you.

Solved Examples

Question 1: What is the basis point for 2 percentage points?
Given: x = 2 %
The base point is given by
Base point = x $\%$ $\times$ 100 
                 = 2 % $\times$ 100 
                 = 200 Basis point.


Question 2: Find the basis point for 0.15 percentage points?
Given: x % = 0.15
The base point is given by
Base point = x% $\times$ 100 
                     = 0.15 $\times$ 100 = 15 Basis point