Boolean Algebra is the algebra of prepositions. Every preposition has two possible values: T says the preposition is true and F says the preposition is false.
There are four usually used logical statements:
Conjunction (p $\wedge$ q) stated as p and q
Disjunction (p $\vee$ q) stated as p or q
Implication (p $\rightarrow$ q) stated as p implies q
Equality (p $\leftrightarrow$ q) stated as p xnor q

Using the above logical prepositions the truth tables are created. It tells how input is  related to the output.

Boolean Algebra Calculator is a online tool to get the logical statements sorted out easily. It gives the truth table, logic circuit and Venn diagram for a given logical statement. So three things you can get in a single calculator.
The input you enter should be in small letters as in the pattern like p and (q or r), if p then q, p or q etc...

Step 1 :  Read the given logical statement and break the statement into two parts to make the logic simple.
Step 2 : Create the truth table using the logic statement. Then draw a logical circuit for it and represent it using the Venn diagram.

Here is given a truth table for all logical prepositions you can refer it while creating the table: 
 p     q  
 p $\wedge$ q   p $\vee$ q   p $\rightarrow$ q   p $\leftrightarrow$ q
 T  T  T  T  T  T
 T  F  F  F  F  F
 T  F  F  T  F
 F  F  F  F  T  T