Calculus is a branch of mathematics, which is mainly focused on functions, limits, derivatives, integrals, and infinite series. The major part of modern mathematics education is constitutes by this subject. It has two major divisions, differential calculus and integral calculus.

There are calculus calculators below which will help as to solve the problems well. The calculus calculator is used to describe the study of the limits, finding the derivatives and integrals and etc. Derivative calculus is used for finding the differentiation of the function and the integral calculus is used for finding the integral of the function. One of the major calculus calculator below are,

  1. Limit Calculator
  2. Derivative Calculator
  3. Differential Equation Calculator
  4. Integral Calculator
  5. Riemann Sum Calculator
  6. Taylor Series Calculator
  7. Laplace Transform Calculator

Calculus is the study of changes and rate of changes. It shows us that the things can be different over time. This branch of mathematics enable us to study how things move, grow, travel, expand etc. Calculus got many applications on our day to day life.

For an example, while driving any vehicle if you want to find the speed at which the vehicle moves, you need to find the acceleration and velocity of the vehicle at that instant of time. Calculus plays an important role here it will help us to find the above.
The calculus got lot more applications:
  1. Calculus is also necessary to research the movement of fumes and contaminants, the connections of causes, and the exchange of power. It is also useful in business whenever prices are engaged.
  2. The Credit Card Companies to Keep a record of amount due on the credit card so that the statement can be prepared by changing the Interest of Rate and varying available balance.
  3. An Architect use this application to know rough idea about the materials which will be used for the construction purpose.
  4. These Calculus calculator is also used by the Biologist, Space flight engineers, physicist.