Deciaml is a point which separates the integer part of the number from its fractional part. We can comparing two decimal for greater than, less than and equal to. Greater than symbol is denoted with '>', less than symbol is denoted with '<' and equals to symbol is denoted with '='.

Online Comparing Decimals Calculator helps us to comparing two decimal numbers just like we compare any two numbers.
Below you could see some steps for comparing decimals:
Step 1 : Arrange the numbers in place value chart.

Step 2 : Compare decimals from left to right.

Step 3 : Check if the number is greater than, less than or equals to.

Step 4: Write your answer.
 We frequently add additional zero to decimal numbers. These additional zeros will not change the value of the decimal number.

For instance, 85.01 = 85.010 or 0.14 = 0.1400