Two or more inequalities taken together form a chain of inequalities. It will be tedious to solve it. There is a easy way to represent it. Just separate out each of the inequalities and the variable and join two inequalities by any of the conjunction either "and" or "or". This is what compound inequality is!
The compound inequality is a method of solving the inequalities separately and finding the variable value. It is usually represented in number line.The arrow in number line tells a lot in the compound inequality. If the arrow are going away from each other with no overlap the compound inequality is joined with "and". If the arrow are pointing towards each other the inequality is joined with "or" the solution is a real number.

Compound Inequality Calculator is a amazing online tool. You just have to enter the inequalities in the space provided and set the proper conjunction. It calculates the variable value and gives out the graph plot within the fraction of seconds.
There's a easy way to solve the compound inequality that has three steps:
  1. Read the given inequality and observe whether it is a compound inequality
  2. Separate out the two inequalities and solve for each then get the solutions of the variable
  3. Plot the graph of given inequality on the number line using these solutions.