A Cone is a geometrical figure made of base of circular shape and a vertex at the top. There are three things in a cone namely height h and radius r as shown in the figure.

Cone Diagram

Using this we can find the quantities namely slant height, Volume, Curved Surface Area and total Surface Area of Cone.

Formula for Cone

Cone Calculator is a online tool which calculates the slant height l, volume V, curve surface area (CSA) and total surface area (TSA) of the cone. Here you have to just enter Radius r and height h of the cone to get the desired quantity.
Here are some steps to find the Height, area and volume of the cone.

Step 1 :
Read the given problem and note down radius r and height h and observe what is asked?

Step 2 :
To find the Slant Height use the Formula
Slant height l = $\sqrt{r^2 + h^2}$
To find the Volume of Cone use Formula
Volume = $\frac{1}{3}$ $\pi$ r2 h

To find the Curved Surface Area use the Formula
Curved surface area = $\pi r l

To find the Total Surface Area use the Formula
Total surface area = $\pi$ r (l + r)

Put in the values of r and h in the above formulas and get the answer.