A Cylinder is a  three dimensional geometrical figure which is made of two flat ends called the base joined by a curved surface. The half of the base length is radius r and the curved surface length is height h.

Cylinder Diagram
Cylinder formulas are given by
Cylinder formula
Here r = radius of the cylinder,
        h = height of the cylinder.
Cylinder Calculator is a online tool to find the volume, curved surface area (CSA) and total surface area (TSA) of the cylinder. Provided are the blocks where you are supposed to enter the radius r and height h to get the answer.
Here are given step by step method to calculate the volume and area of the cylinder.

Step 1: Read the given problem and observe whether radius r and height h are given and also see to it what is asked?

Step 2: To find the volume of the cylinder use the formula
V = $\pi$ r2 h
            To find the curved surface area of cylinder use the formula
C = 2 $\pi$ rh
            To find the total area of the cylinder use the formula
A = 2 $\pi$ r(h + r)
Substitute the values in the these formulas to get the desired parameter.