Decimals are very much like fractions. The decimal point is one of the most important inversions in mathematics. The decimal point is a point (a dot) that is placed between the digits in a number or before the first digit in a number. There are different calculators below like Decimal Place Value Calculator, Comparing Decimals Calculator, Adding Decimals Calculator, Subtracting Decimals Calculator etc. which will help us do decimal operations like adding decimals, subtracting decimals, multiplying decimals  and comparing decimals. 
Unlike all the other math operation method, even decimal calculation can be made much easier by using the decimal calculators. Moreover the decimal calculators can be used to calculate all kinds of operations like addition, subtraction, multiplications and divisions.

Adding Decimals:
Adding decimals are also very easy. Its just like how you find the sum of the other numbers. Write the numbers, one below the one along with the decimal factors. Now write 0's so that the numbers have the same form.

Then keep the decimal factor in the answer in your mind by adding normally.

Add 2.52 to 2.2
Answer: 4.72

Subtraction Decimals:
Subtracting decimals are also very simple and easy to calculate. Just like adding the decimals, write down the decimals and add a zero so that u get the same number of letters. Then minus regularly and put the decimal point down at the right place. 

Subtract 1.03 from 2.14
Answer: 1.11

Multiplication Decimals:
There are no much changes in decimals while multiplying. Just calculate the answer ignoring the decimal point. Later once you find the answer add all the decimal place and put the decimal point in the answer. 

Multiply 2.24 by 5.5
Answer: 12.32

Division Decimals:
Like Multiplication Decimals, Division  Decimals are also easy to calculate the answer by ignoring the decimal point. Then put the decimal element in the answer.

Divide 10.8 by 6
Answer: 1.8