Derivative of a function (Differentiation) is that which tells us how much a function changes as its input variable changes. Let y = f(x) be any function then its derivative dy/dx is given by    
Derivative Formula
Where n is a degree of the polynomial.
Derivative Calculator is a online tool to find the derivative of a given function. You have to enter the given function in the block provided and get the answer. This calculator can get find the derivative up to 10th order so you can get the derivatives answer directly without actually calculating each time.
To find the derivative of any given function observe whether the function is of the form y = f(x) then find the differentiation of the given function simplify it and get the answer.

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Solved Examples

Question 1: If f(x)= 5x3 + 3 x + 1 then find f'(x).
The given function is y = 5x3 + 3x + 1.
It derivative is given by

f'(x) = $\frac{dy}{dx}$ = $\frac{d(5x^{3})}{dx}$ + $\frac{d(3x)}{dx}$ + $\frac{d(1)}{dx}$

                                    = 5(3x2) + 3 + 0
                                    = 15 x2 + 3.  


Question 2: If f(x)= 4x5 + 7, then Find f''(x)
The given function is f(x)= 4x5 + 7,

f'(x) = $\frac{d(4x^{5})}{dx}$ + $\frac{d(7)}{dx}$ = 20 x4

f''(x) = $\frac{d(20 x^{4})}{dx}$ = 20 (4x3) = 80 x3  

The second derivative of function f(x) = 4x5 + 7 is 80 x3.