Giving discount is one of the easiest way to raise the customers of particular product. After discount there will be a reduction in the price.
Discount is given by

Discount Formula

If a shopkeeper gives the discount on whole some of goods he gives it in percentage where the discount price of each goods varies from the other but the percentage remains the same.
Discount Percentage is given by

Discount Percentage Formula

Discount calculator is an online tool which will help us to calculate  the discount amount and rate of discount. It is a tool which makes your calculations easier by giving the reductions in any good directly without making you to solve.

To find the Discount amount, subtract the selling price from the cost price

Discount amount = Cost price - Sale price

If we know the cost of an item and its discounted price, we can find the rate of discount by using the formula

Discount Percentage = $\frac{Discount}{Cost\ Price}$ $\times$ 100

Substitute the values in above formula and get the answer.