Effect size calculator is used to determine the effect size of a population. The determination of effect size is very important since it compare the values of different experimental treatments. Even though we use the percentage improvements for the comparison of results, it is very difficult to get accurate value. There are many methods to find out the effect size of a population. Here we calculate the effect size using mean and standard deviation. The formula for this calculation is given below.


Where r is the effect size
          d is the cohen's d value. d can be calculated using the given equation

         d=$\frac{m_{1}-m_{2}}{\sqrt{\frac{\sigma_{1}^{2}-\sigma _{2}^{2}}{2}}}$

         m1,m2 are the mean values
         σ1,σ2 are the standard deviations
Let us discuss the steps for calculating the effect size of a population.

Step1: Calculate the mean values of the given data using the given equation.


Where x1,x2..... are the given observations and N is the total number of observations.

Step2: Find the standard deviation using the formula

$\sigma$ =$\sqrt{\frac{1}{N}\sum_{i=1}^{n}(x_{i}-m)^{2}}$

Step3: Determine the cohen's d value by substituting the above values.

d=$\frac{m_{1}-m_{2}}{\sqrt{\frac{\sigma_{1}^{2}-\sigma _{2}^{2}}{2}}}$

Step4: Calculate the effect size using the formula,