Let A be a square matrix then there exists a scalar $\lambda$ and a non zero vector V such that AV = $\lambda$V. Then the characteristic matrix is
|A - $\lambda$ I| V = 0
Here V is the eigen vector.
Eigen Vector Calculator is a online tool to calculate the eigen vector.You just have to enter the matrix (either 2X2 or 3X3) in the block provided and get the eigen vector instantly.

Lets see how to solve Eigen vector for a given matrix:
Step 1: Read the problem and take down the matrix A
Step 2: The characteristic matrix is |A - $\lambda$ I| = 0. Solve the equation and get the eigen value  $\lambda_1$, $\lambda_2$, ....... $\lambda_n$ for order n $\times$ n.
Step 3: Substitute the eigen values in the characteristic equation to get the eigen vector.