An ellipse is a oval shaped geometrical figure having two points (F1, F2) each called as Focus. The sum of the distance from any point on the circumference of the ellipse to the focus point is constant.a and b are the two lines in ellipse each called generatrix and a + b is constant.

Axis in the Ellipse
There are two axis in the ellipse
  1. Semi major axis
  2. Semi minor axis
The largest diameter of the ellipse is semi major axis whereas the smallest diameter gives semi minor axis. The R1 gives the width, R2 the length and R3 the height axis radius respectively is used to determine the Volume of the ellipse.

Ellipse Calculator calculates the perimeter, area and volume of the ellipse. To find the volume of the ellipse enter the values of R1, R2 and R3 and to find the perimeter and area, enter the values of r1 and r2 in the blocks provided.
Here are the steps to find the area, perimeter and volume of the ellipse.

Step 1 : Read the given problem and observe the parameters given.

Step 2 : Find the desired parameters using below formula

To find the Volume of the ellipse

V = $\frac{4 \times \pi \times R_{1} \times R_{2} \times R_{3}}{3}$

Where R1, R2 and R3 are width, length and height axis radius. 

To find the perimeter of the ellipse
P = 2 $\pi$ $\sqrt{\frac{r_{1}^{2} + r_{2}^{2}}{2}}$

To find the area of the ellipse
A = $\pi$ $\times$ r1 $\times$ r2

Where r1 = semi major axis length and r2 = semi minor axis length

Put in the given values in the formula and get the desired parameter.