Exponential distribution calculator is an online calculator which helps to find out the exponential distribution of the given data. It describes the time between the events. Probability density function of exponential distribution is f(x, $\lambda$ )=$\lambda e^{-\lambda x}$. The mathematical equation of the exponential distribution is given below:
P$(X_{1}< X< X_{2})$=$e^{-cx_{1}}$-$e^{-cx_{2}}$
Where x1 and x2 are the random variables
            c is the given value which should be a positive value 
Following steps are used to find out the exponential distribution.

Step1: Write down the given parameters from the question.

Step2: Substitute these values in the given equation and find out the exponential distribution.

P$(X_{1}< X< X_{2})$=$e^{-cx_{1}}$-$e^{-cx_{2}}$