Factorization is a procedure of separating any given number into possible factors. If a number can be written as the product of two or more number, then each number is called the factor of the given number. For example, the factors of 20 are 4 and 5, because 4 × 5 = 20. Here 4 and 5 are the factors which is multiplied to get another number 20. More than one way of factorization is possible for some numbers .

The Factoring Calculator will calculate the factors of given number and it can also be used for calculating LCM, Prime Numbers etc. This calculator will work with the basics that the given number will be divided by all the natural numbers till the quotient become one. And check the reminder for each if the reminder comes zero for the given divisors, they are factors else not.

Lets see how to do factoring using steps:
Step 1: Read the given problem and note down the given number
Step 2: Divide the given number till you get the remainder as zero. Take down the quotients aside which are nothing but the factors of the given number.