Fraction is a part or a potion of a whole number. It is a mathematical operation in which a whole number is divided by another whole number and gives equal parts. Fraction consists of numerator and denominator. For example: $\frac {2}{4}$,  numerator is 2 and the denominator is 4 which represents 2 equal parts out off  4.

Fraction Calculator
Fractions can be written as the figure below :

There are three types of fraction:

1. Proper fraction.
2. Improper fraction
3. Mixed fraction

1. Proper fraction : proper fraction is fraction in which numerator is smaller than the denominator.
    For example: $\frac {8}{12}$ or $\frac {7}{10}$.

2. Improper fraction : Improper fraction is a fraction in which the numerator is greater or equal to denominator.
    For example : $\frac {10}{4}$ or $\frac {15}{10}$.

3. Mixed faction : Mixed fraction is a fraction in which a whole number is combined with a fraction.
    For Example: $1\frac {4}{8}$ or $15\frac {7}{12}$.