Fraction with exponent is that number which has its exponent value as fraction.Its really difficult to find the values if the exponent is in fractions. There is amazing tool that helps you to get rid of it!

Fraction with exponent Calculator is a online tool to get your answer instantly. you can enter the base number value and fraction value in the blocks provided for exponent and get the answer instantly.
Here are the steps to solve fraction with exponents:
Step 1 : Read the given problem and observe whether the exponent value are in fractions
Step 2 : If the exponent is not a fraction multiply the base with itself as many times exponent value is!
am = a.a......m factors
 If the exponent is a fraction try to find power of given base number in terms of m such that the exponent value should be 1/m simplify it by cancelling it with exponent value and get the base number as answer.
                                                   am/n = (bn)m/n ($\because$ a = bn)
                                              $\therefore$ am/n = b.