Geometry is an Ancient Greek word where "geo" means earth and "metron" means measurement. Geometry is a branch of mathematics that deals with the study of shapes, sizes, area, position of figures and properties of points, angles,  lines. 

Our geometry calculator poses many calculators below that are used to find the midpoint of the line segment, equation of line, slope of triangle, distance between the two points etc.

Some of the Calculators are given below:

1. Distance Formula Calculator
2. Slope Calculator
3. Midpoint Calculator
4. Equation of a line Calculator
5. Vertex Calculator
These are some basic terms to be known for the calculators under this geometry calculator.


We use points to specify locations in geometry. These points are denoted by letter or number,they are zero-dimensional. Point is thought as "dot" on a plane paper, have no length, width and height. P, Q, and R are the points in the below diagram. 


In geometry, lines are the straight lines that can be drawn on a paper. Line can be extended infinitely in both directions, is one dimensional having length but no width and height. Lines are determined by two points.
     Considering the below diagram, we denote the line as $\overleftrightarrow{PQ}$ that passes through the points P and Q.

Line Segments:

Line Segment is also a straight line that can be drawn on a plane paper but with the defined poinTs. These defined points are known as end points.

      The line segment, in the below diagram, is denoted as $\overline{PQ}$ the passes through two end points P and Q.
                                                        Line Segments


A point in the middle of the line segment which divides the line segment into two equal segments is known as Midpoints. For example, if M is the midpoint of the line segment $\overline{PQ}$, then $\overline{PM}$ = $\overline{MQ}$.


When lines, line segment or rays meet or cross at a certain point, that point is known as an intersection point.
I is the intersection point in the below diagram.
                                                         Intersection Point