Inequality is that which gives the relation between two expressions are not equal. It is represented by notations like >, <, $\geq$ and $\leq$. They may be set of solutions or a single value for any inequality that justifies the inequality statement as true.
eg: (x + 3) < 6  =>  (x + 3) is less than 6  is true for x = 3
 (4x +  5) $\geq$ 9  =>  (4x + 5) is greater than or equal to 9 is true for x = 1, 2 , 3....
Inequalities Calculator is a online tool to solve the linear inequality equation and get the value of the variable. You just have to enter the inequality equation in blocks provided and click on the inequality notations and choose the notation. It is a easy way to get the solutions of inequalities instantly.
Let us how to find the solution of an inequality :

Step 1: Read the given inequality equation and observe the inequality symbol.

Step 2 : Add or subtract on both sides by a common term to get equal sign.

Step 3 : Multiply or divide by the coefficient of variable to get the variable value.