Logarithm is a value of an exponent. If  bx = a is a given exponent form where x is the exponent then the logarithmic form can be given as
Logarithm Diagram
The logarithm of any number tells us to what exponent the base has to be raised to get the number. We go for this when the exponents are of higher power or of different forms.
Logarithm Calculator is a online tool to calculate the logarithm value of a given number for any given base. You just have to enter the number and the base value to get its logarithm value. It is an easy way to get the log values which keeps you out of the confusions and silly mistakes.

Let us see how to solve the given logarithm:
  1. Read the given problem only if the number is given, express the given number in exponent form. Then convert it into logarithmic form simplify it and get the answer. 
  2. If base a and number b are given use the formula Loga b = $\frac{log b}{log a}$ Substitute the log values to get the answer. 
Here are given some worked problems on logarithm you can go through it:

Solved Examples

Question 1: Calculate the logarithm of 25.
Step 1: The given value is 25. Its exponential form is 25 = 52
Step 2: Its logarithmic form is log 25 = 2 log 5
                                                  2 = log5 25
            The exponent value is 2.


Question 2: Find the exponent value for the logarithm log4 6
Here given number is 6 and base value is 4.
The exponent value is given  by
              log4 6 = $\frac{log 6}{log 4}$

                       = $\frac{0.778}{0.602}$
                       = 1.292.