The Mean deviation also called Mean average deviation (MAD) is the measure of the dispersion in the given set of data. It gives the idea of how much variation is taking place from the mean.

Mean Deviation formula is given asMean Deviation FormulaWhere x is the data and $\bar{x}$ is the mean  value of given data, n is the number of elements.

Mean Deviation Calculator is a online tool to calculate the average and mean deviation for a given set of data. You are supposed to enter the given set of data in the block provided to get the mean and mean deviation. It is a instant way of getting the answer instead of getting confused with the calculations.

Step 1 : Read the given problem and note down the given data and value of n.

Step 2 : Calculate the value of mean and Mean deviation using the below formulas
Mean is given by $\bar{x}$ =$\frac{\sum{x}}{n}$

Mean deviation is given by MD = $\frac{\sum(x - \bar{x})}{n}$

Substitute the values and get the answer.