If a fraction consists of two parts one is whole number and other part is a proper fraction then the fraction is called mixed fraction. A mixed fraction is a combination of a whole number and a proper fraction. A mixed fraction can be converted into an improper fraction and vice versa.
Since mixed numbers are whole numbers plus fractions, we perform the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division by the following steps.

Step 1: Focus on the sign between the given mixed numbers.
Step 2: If the sign is addition or subtraction then add or subtract the whole numbers first. If the sign is multiplication or division then convert to improper fractions.
Step 3: In addition and subtraction take out the fraction part separately and check the bottom numbers are same. 
Step 4: If it is same simply add or subtract the numerators with same denominator. In division invert the second improper fraction and change the sign to multiplication and then simplify.
Step 5: In addition and subtraction simplify the fraction then add the whole number with the fraction.
Step 6: In multiplication and division simplify the improper fraction and the convert into improper fraction.