The correlation is a number that gives the extent to which the two variables are related to each other. If two set of data are linked together strongly we say they have high correlation.
The Pearson Correlation Calculator is a online tool to calculate the correlation coefficient between two variables. You just have to enter the x and y values and get the answer instantly.
Lets see how to find correlation using steps:
Step 1 : Read the given problem and note down the number of elements given as N

Step 2 :
Then Calculate XY, X2 and Y2. Also find $\sum$ X, $\sum$ Y, $\sum$ XY, $\sum$ X2 and $\sum$ Y2.
Step 3 :
The correlation is calculated using the formula
Correlation (r) = $\frac{N (\sum X Y) - (\sum X)(\sum Y)}{\sqrt{((N \sum x^2) - (\sum X)^2) (N \sum Y^2 - (\sum Y)^2)}}$
Substitute the values in the above formula and get the answer.