Percentile gives the rank position for a given list of data. It is calculated by finding the percentage of the values below the given value. It gives the idea of at what rate the given score is better among the given set of data scores.

Eg : If a student scores 60 in maths and his percentile is 45 %. It means that 45 % of students have scored less than 60.

Percentile (PR %) is given by
Percentile Formula

Where L = Below score count,
           S = Same score count,
           N = No of scores.

Percentile Calculator is a online statistical tool  to calculate the percentile rank for a given set of data. You just have to enter the set of score values and the score for which percentile need to be found to get the answer. It is a easy way to get the percentile value.
Step 1 : Go through the problem and list out the given set of data. Note down the total no of scores  N, no of scores below the given score L, no of scores have the same score S.

Step 2 : The Percentile score is given by formula

P R % = $\frac{L + (0.5 + S)}{N}$ $\times$ 100

Substitute the values in the above formula and get the answer.