The Perfect square is that number which gives the product of integers having equal value. If a is the perfect square of b then a = b2, Where a and b are given natural numbers.

Perfect Square Calculator is a online tool. It checks whether the number you have entered is a perfect square and also gives the square root of it provided the number you are entering should be a positive integer.
To find a perfect square, observe whether the given number is a perfect square then find the square root of it to get the square of the given number.

Below are the given some problems based on perfect square which may be useful for you.

Solved Examples

Question 1: Is 81 a perfect square?
Given number is 81. The square root of 81 can be expressed as $\sqrt{81}$ = 9 which is an integer.
$\therefore$ 81 = 9 $\times$ 9, is a perfect square.

Question 2: Is 90 a perfect square?
Given number is 90. The square root of 90 can be expressed as $\sqrt{90}$ = 9.5 which is not a integer.
$\therefore$ 90 is not a perfect square.