Polynomial is used in many areas of science and mathematics. The word "poly" means "many", so by this we clearly understand that this is an expression which contains more than one variable. Therefore Polynomial is defined as an expression made by the combination of addition, subtraction, multiplications(but not division) along with constants, variables and exponents.
Generally polynomials have more than one variable. Like
  • When polynomial have one variable its called monomial. 
  • When polynomial have two variable its called Binomial.
  • When polynomial have three variable its called Trinomial.
The method which is used to solve the complex equations of polynomials into an easier way is called as Factoring Polynomials. This method involves separating up a polynomial terms into simpler term so that they are equal to the original polynomials when multiplied.
The concept of factoring polynomial expressions is very identical but not the same. In factoring figures you will find numbers that divides equally from the unique figures or polynomials.
There are two techniques of considering factoring polynomials. Such as:
  • Factoring By Grouping
  • Factoring using identities
Factoring By Grouping:
Factoring by Grouping have more than one terms and there is no common term for Greater Common Factor in all the terms. The main procedure for factorizing the polynomials is by collecting like terms together, and then common terms are factorized by each category.

               Factor  ab − 4b + 3a + 12

Factoring using identities:
Factoring identities means recalling the identity for finding the products. It recognizes the appropriate identification as well as rewrite the expression by means of the identity. Its also writes the factors of the given expression by using of Factoring identities.

           Factorize x2 + 8x + 16.
           (x + 4)(x + 4)