In the Number theory, Prime Numbers are the one which has only two factors, the number itself and one (3, 5, 7..are example for prime numbers). Whereas the composite numbers have more than two factors. The prime factors of a given positive integer is a prime number which will divide the integer exactly without giving any remainder. The whole process of finding this factors are called as prime factorization.

Prime Factors Calculator is an online tool which helps us to calculate the prime factors of any given positive number.
Finding Prime Factors using this calculator is very easy,

Step 1: Enter any Positive Number for which one need to find the factors.

Step 2: Do factorization of the given number.

Step 3: Determine the prime factors.

Example : Take a number 21,

The factors of 21 are : 1, 3, 7, 21.

So The Prime Factors are 3 and 7.

Prime Factor