Profit is the money gained in any business after deducting the expenses, taxes and costs. Suppose a shop keeper purchases a item for some cost price and sale it for the higher rate this is what we call profit ! It is determined by finding the difference between sale price and the cost price. To find the profit percentage  profit is divided by cost price and then multiplied by 100. 

Profit Calculator is a online tool to calculate the profit, profit percentage if cost price and selling price are known. You have to enter the values of selling price (s.p) and cost price (c.p) in the space provided to get the answer.
Here is the way to Calculate the Profit for the given problem:
Step 1: Read the given problem and note down the selling price (S.P) and the cost price (C.P).

Step 2:
To find the profit use the formula
Profit = Selling Price - Cost Price
To find the profit percentage use the formula
Profit Percentage = $\frac{Profit}{Cost\ Price}$ $\times$ 100 %
Substitute the values and get the answer.