Quadratic formula calculator helps to solve the complicated quadratic equation and give the roots of the equation. It is an easy online calculator for solving the equation. Quadratic equation is a polynomial with second order. It is of the form Ax2+Bx+C=0, where A, B, C are constants and A≠0.

Quadratic Equation

The steps for solving the quadratic formula is given below.

Step1: From the given equation find out the discriminant using the formula

$\Delta$ =$B^{2}$-4AC

If it is negative the roots are imaginary otherwise it is real.

Step2: Then determine the roots of the given quadratic formula using the following equation.

x=$\frac{-B\pm \sqrt{B^{2}-4AC}}{2A}$

By using this equation we will get two roots for the quadratic equation.