Rational inequalities is nothing but a solving of two polynomial inequalities which are in rational form. Lets consider the equation of the form (Ax2+Bx+ c)/(Dx2+Ex+F) represented by the inequality sign like
$\frac{Ax^2 + Bx + c}{Dx^2 + Ex + F}$ $\geq$ 3
where A, B, C, D, E, F are the polynomial term values.This can be easily solved using this calculator.
Rational inequality Calculator is a online tool to calculate the value of variable and even represents where exactly it lies on number line. You just have to enter the rational inequality equation and get your answer instantly.
Here are the steps to find the rational inequalities you can go through it:
  1. Read the given problem and observe whether its a rational equation represented by the inequality
  2. Shift all the terms to the left hand side
  3. Now equate both numerator and denominator to zero and find the value of the variable. Plot it on the number line.