The right angled triangle is that where one of its angle will be definitely 900.There are three sides in it. One opposite to the right angle - hypotenuse and other two sides namely adjacent and opposite sides.
Right Angled Triangle
Right Angle Calculator is a online tool to calculate the angles, side and area. You just have to enter any two sides and get third side, angles as well as the area. Its a best way to get your calculations done instantly. Here sides are called as a, b, c and angles are A, B and C respectively.
Lets see how to find the unknown parameters using the given one:
Step 1 : Go through the problem and check whether atleast two sides among a, b, c are given. If it is so use Pythagorean theorem and get the unknown side as below
c2 = a2 + b2
where c is the hypotenuse, b is the adjacent side and a is the opposite side.

Step 2 :
To calculate the angle A use the below formula
sin A = $\frac{Opposite\ side}{Hypothenuse}$
cos A = $\frac{Adjacent\ side}{Hypothenuse}$
tan A = $\frac{Opposite\ side}{Adjacent\ side}$
To calculate the angle B use the formula
$\hat{B}$ = 1800 - ($\hat{C}$ + $\hat{A}$).

Step 3 : To calculate the area use the formula
Area of triangle = $\frac{1}{2}$ $\times$ b $\times$ a
where b is the base and a is the height.