Rounding the decimal is used for taking approximate value of a number rather than having a lengthy decimal number. We can round the decimal number up to a particular decimal place.

Online rounding decimals calculators helps to round numbers to nearest possible value.

1. If the decimal number is five or greater than five, we round up by 1.
    For example, 1.37 in the tenth place, it can be rounded up to 1.4

2. If the decimal number is below five, we can round down.
    For example. 1.44 it can be round down to 1.40 or 1.4.

The steps for rounding decimals
Step 1 : Write the decimal number based on its place value.

Step 2 : Look at the specific place value to round the number.

Step 3 : If the place value is below 5 then its rounded down. If the number is above 5 then its rounded up.

Step 4 : Take required numbers after decimal point, leftover numbers will be dissolved.