Scientific Notation is that which converts the given number into the power of base 10. The first number is called as coefficient. It lies between 1 and 10. The base number 10 is the exponent form and the raise to term is the exponent.

Scientific Notations

Scientific notation Calculator is a online tool to convert the given number into the scientific notation. Its an easy way to get the answer without getting confused with the notations. It makes your calculations fast and you can complete your homework with fun.
Lets see the way to convert the number into scientific Notation

Consider a number 40 000 000 000
Step 1: Shift the decimal point from the right till you get a number between 0 to 10.
                   40 000 000 000 = 4.0000000000  (Shifted 10 decimal points)

Step 2: Count how many decimal points you have shifted then write the exponent value as that to get scientific notation.
$\therefore$ 40 000 000 000 = 4.0 $\times$ 1010