Speed conversion calculator is an online mathematical tool to convert the speed from one unit to other. Speed is nothing but the magnitude of the velocity of an object. The SI unit of speed is meter per second. It is a vector quantity. Even though it is represented in meter per second, we have to use other alternating unit according to our needs. Some of the basic conversions are given below.

              1Km/hr    =    0.2778m/s

     1Km/s     =    1000m/s

         1ft/s       =     0.3048m/s

        1mph     =     0.447m/s

            1ft/m      =     0.00508m/s

The steps are given below for the basic unit conversion of speed.
  • From Km/hr to m/s
Multiply the given quantity by 1000 and divide it by 3600

eg: 2Km/hr=$\frac{2\times 1000}{3600}$=0.5556m/s
  • From mph to m/s
Divide the given quantity by 2.23693

eg: 5mph=$\frac{5}{2.23693}$=2.2352m/s
  • From ft/s to m/s
Multiply the given quantity with 0.3048

eg: 15ft/s=15×0.3048=4.572m/s