Sphere is a round shaped 3D solid geometrical figure whose all points on the surface are equidistant to the center. The distance from center to the surface is nothing but the radius.

Sphere Diagram

From the radius of the sphere we can calculate other quantities of the given sphere using the below formulas.

Formulas for Sphere

Sphere Calculator is a online tool which calculates the diameter D, Volume V, Circumference C and Surface Area A of the sphere. You have to just enter the radius in the space provided to get the answer.
Let us see how to analyze the method of solving the sphere quantities.

Step 1 : Observe the given problem and note down the given radius and see what is asked?

Step 2 : These are the following sphere formulas

Diameter is given by formula
D = 2r
Volume of sphere use the formula
V = $\frac{4}{3}$ $\pi$ r3
Circumference of sphere
C = 2 $\pi$ r
Surface area of sphere
A = 4 $\pi$ r2

Substitute the value of r in the above formula and get the answer.