The square is multiply the number by itself. The integer is one type of number and it is defined both positive and negative numbers. The sum of squares is add the squares of integers and it is used in statistics. A sum of squares is an integer that is used to determine a variance and standard deviation for a group of integers.
The formula for sum of squares is $S$ = $x_{1}^{2} + x_{2}^{2} + x_{3}^{2} + . . . x_{n}^{2}$
Where, $S$ = sum of squares and $x_{1}, x_{2}, x_{3}. . . x_{n}$ are the integers.
Below you could see the steps:
Step 1 :Take the following set of integers.

Step 2 :  Square each of the number and add all by using the formula $S$ = $x_{1}^{2} + x_{2}^{2} + x_{3}^{2} + . . . x_{n}^{2}$ for calculation.

Step 3 : Finally you get the answer $S$.

This calculator works on positive and negative numbers.