Transpose of matrix is that where the rows are interchanged with columns and vice verse. If A is any given matrix then its transpose is given as AT.
Transpose matrix Calculator is a online tool that gives transpose of any given matrix of order 3 $\times$ 3. You just have to enter the given values of the matrix in the block provided to get its transpose instantly.
Lets see how to find the transpose of matrix using steps:
Step 1 :
Read the problem and note down whether the given matrix is of the form
A = $\begin{bmatrix}A_{11} &A_{12}  &A_{13} \\ A_{21} &A_{22}  &A_{23} \\ A_{31} &A_{32}  &A_{33} \end{bmatrix}$

Step 2 : Interchange Rows by columns and columns with rows to get the matrix of the form
AT= $\begin{bmatrix}A_{11} &A_{21}  &A_{31} \\ A_{12} &A_{22}  &A_{32} \\ A_{13} &A_{23}  &A_{33} \end{bmatrix}$.