The rate is the ratio that is used to compare different types of quantities. A unit rate describes how many of the first quantity corresponds to one unit of the second quantity. Some common unit rates include miles per hour, miles per gallon, dollars per hour, and meters per second. 

A special ratio in which the denominator is 1 called a unit rate. Basically, a unit rate is the amount per one of something, whether it be the price of pound, the pay rate per hour, the number of words a person types per minute and so on.

To find the unit rate scale the denominator of the original ratio so that 1 is the denominator. 
A unit rate is a rate in which the denominator is 1.
Step 1: Read the problem and find the values given.
Step 2: Translate the rate form its given form in words to fractional form.
Step 3: Perform the division on the given fraction.
Step 4: To write a rate as a unit rate, we divide the numerator of the rate by the denominator.