Unit vector is the vector with a modulus of 1. A vector $\vec u$ is called a unit vector if its magnitude is 1 unit. It is denoted by $\hat{u}$ and |$\hat{u}$| = 1.
Unit vector represents direction along vector $\vec u$, $\hat{u} = \frac{\vec{u}}{\left |\vec{u}  \right |}$ i.e unit vector = $\frac{vector}{its\ modulus}$
Unit vectors in different directions are not equal, although their module is same.
Unit Vector Calculator find the modulus of the vector and calculate whether the typed vector is the unit vector or not.
In the 3 dimension cartesian system we denote the unit vectors along the x-axis, y-axis and z-axis by $\hat{i} , \hat{j}$ and $\hat{k}$ along OX, OY and OZ. Any vector along OX, OY and OZ can be represented by $\hat{ai}, \hat{bj}, \hat{ck}$ respectively, where a, b, and c are scalars.

Unit Vector
Steps to find the unit vector:

Step 1: Find the modulus of the given vector, $\vec u$, ie |$\vec u$|.

Step 2: Apply the formula, $\hat{u}$ = $\frac{\vec{u}}{\left |\vec{u}  \right |}$.

Step 3: Write your answer.