The Projection is change of the components given in any plane into the another plane by joining the points of the both the planes. It is given as
Vector Projection

Scalar projection of $\vec{A}$ on $\vec{B}$ is given as
Scalar projection
Vector projection of $\vec{A}$ on $\vec{B}$ is given as
Vector projection

The Vector Projection Calculator Calculates the projection of the first vector on the other. Here are provided 2D and 3D vector Calculators you can choose any of them based on your problem. 
Here are the steps to solve Vector projection which may be helpful for you.

Step 1 :
Read  out the given problem and observe the given vectors $\vec{A}$ and $\vec{B}$. Calculate the magnitude of the vector B.

Step 2 : Calculate the scalar projection and vector projection using below formula
Scalar projection is given by
projBA = $\frac{\vec{A}.\vec{B}}{|\vec{B}|}$
Vector projection is given by
projBA = $\frac{\vec{A}. \vec{B}}{|\vec{B}|^{2}}$ $\vec{B}$

Putting the values in the above formula and substituting it will give you the answer.