The z test is used to calculate the mean of a population versus a standardized mean comparing the mean of two populations. It compares the sample proportion with the standard proportion taken as x.
The z test Calculator is a online tool to calculate the z score of the given data. You just have the enter the data and the random variable x to get the population mean, standard deviation and z score instantly.
To calculate the Z test you need these steps:
Step 1: Read the given problem and observe whether sample series and random variable x are given.Note down the no of samples given as N.

Step 2 : Find the population mean $\mu$ using formula
$\mu$ = $\frac{\Sigma x_i}{N}$Substitute the values and get the answer.
Step 3 : Find the variance of each sample using formula
$\sigma^2$ = (x-xi)2Add all the variance value
Step 4 : Find the standard deviation using formula
$\sigma$ = $\sqrt{\frac{1}{N} \Sigma_{i=1}^{N} (x_i - \mu)^2}$Now calculate z score using formula
Z score = $\frac{x - \mu}{\sigma}$